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Dangerously Delicious

Recently, I’ve completely fallen off my healthy lifestyle wagon. Here’s a couple of dangerously delicious snacks for your virtual enjoyment.

Note: You are ensured a calorie free, 0g trans fat, low carb experience.

These ice cream rounds are perfection in a box. Their crunchy chocolate shell and vanilla ice cream middle make the perfect treat.

Available with a vanilla or chocolate center. (Just to save you the trauma, we tasted both and liked them equally well.)

I first experienced dark chocolate malteesers when visiting Hong Kong. Yummm…malt.

Recently, they became available in Yichang. It’s been easy not to purchase them because they were such an expensive import item. However, it seems that nobody bought them – so they went on sale!

Now, if I could only remember where I put my healthy lifestyle wagon…surely it’s on the 1st floor next to the stroller.

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