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Chinglish #29

Recyclable dustbin

Chinglish #28

We did our very best not to “make fun of each other on the pontoon.” All tourist who have come here must take orders from the working personel.

The tourists go on board and go ashore under the guidance of the working personel.

The tourist are forbidden to chase and make fun of each other

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Chinglish #27

Do not climbing

Everyday Beauty

I’ve been trying to focus on finding beauty in the everyday – to really celebrate creation and being created.

These winter house shoes being aired outside reminded me of how quickly we’ve changed seasons once again.

2:28 Day 2

Today at 2:28 we took another 3 minute moment of silence.

In honor of these three days, websites such as google, and qq have been in black and white. Parts of the Olympic website and The China Daily are also honoring the victims of 5.12.

Thank you for remembering China during this tragedy.

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Environmental Awareness

We recycle.

We share books & DVD’s.

We don’t buy new clothes.

Neither of us are “shoppers”.

Yes, I’m still wearing my orange polartec that is 10 years old.

And yet I don’t feel radical at all.

On June 1st, China will implement a nation wide no-bag policy. At the grocery store, we’ll have to

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