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Quakin’ Again


We felt the apartment move again at 4:27pm today. It lasted only a few seconds. I was changing Schäfer’s nappy and so didn’t feel it, but Sandra did. The lighting fixtures were still swaying when I came back into the living room.

The Seismic Monitor website recorded an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude in the same spot as the 5.12 quake. There have been multiple 4+ magnitude quakes every single day in this area – most of which we haven’t felt.

Thank you for continuing to remember China during this tragedy.

7 comments to Quakin’ Again

  • Yammie

    Thinking of you guys…and all the people who have suffered great loss.

  • You are in my constant “thoughts”.

  • I will admit… that alot of my ‘heart’ is in China (though I do feel for other people in other countries going through their own disasters) right now with people I know there getting their babies, friends who live there and somewhere is my ‘soon to be but don’t know when exactly’ daughter… hope this all ends soon… take care

  • Beth

    I am so relieved you are ok. Your blog has given me such a wonderful peek into your life in China, thank you for sharing the good and the bad. My prayers go out to all those affected by the quakes.

  • nanamaw

    Glad to hear all are safe…How is Cherry’s BaBa? Saw a photo of the tent city and more tents needed…All will be in our thoughts daily. nanamaw

  • My heart felt sympathy and prayers goes out to all of the people in China. Your sorrow and suffering are incomprehensible. Many people may have lost their only child, and I can’t imagine so many people loosing their children, neighbors, relatives, jobs, and homes. The devistation is just too horrific. Please know that people around the world are praying for you.
    Joy Holley
    Monticello, Arkansas USA

  • Shelley

    Thinking of you, your family (here and there). Stay safe!

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