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The Cable Errand

When we moved into this apartment, the tv had cable 1 English channel (CCTV 9) and several other channels simultaneously running various episodes of The Monkey King – in Chinese, of course.

Ok, so there were a few Tang Dynasty soap operas thrown into the mix.

What is a Tang Dynasty soap opera? Well, it’s beautiful people wearing ancient, flowing gowns, flying around while proving their mastery of kung fu for the man or woman they love.

There also seems to be quite a bit of poison accidentally swallowed, servant eavesdropping, matchmakers refusing to acknowledge true love, and overall confusion about who is dead and who is alive…all set in scenic China 2000 years ago.

After a year of never watching tv, we decided to save ourselves 140rmb ($20 per year) and go without cable.

Why pay for something we don’t use?

Enough Monkey King already.

With the Olympics around the corner, I asked Hubs to see about having the cable turned back on. After a bit of investigating, we learned that it will cost 500rmb just to have the cable guy come out for an installation.

Next on The Honey-Do List: Rabbit Ears.

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