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Hectic, But Not Bad.

We celebrated Schäfer’s 18-month-marker by heading off to the countryside. Due to a steady flow of friends saying good-bye (since they’re not sure they will be back on campus before we leave),  14 hours of packing the day before and the general business of life my to-do list was never completed.

Forget about the to-do list…our bags weren’t even packed!  (Note to self: packing with toddler awake is counterproductive.)

We did manage to get to the bus station at 1:30 and flag down the bus just as it was leaving the station. The bus attendant went to buy our tickets while we loaded our stuff (read: pack-n-play) onto the bus.

The exhaustion of it all had my guys pretty much like this:


Though there was a great fear that we forgot Raffe, we later found him tucked in a side pocket.

Things we did forget: sheets for the pack-n-play (we’ve been using a towel) and we left a melon on our table which a friend went over and ate.

All things considered – not bad.

Hectic, but not bad.

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