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Two Temples at the Three Gorges Dam

6/14/08 After our bamboo canyon hike, we enjoyed a delicious lunch. While chatting with the restaurant owners, they told us about a new building designated as Qu Yuan’s house. (Remember, he’s the patriotic poet whose suicidal death is the reason we have Dragon Boat Festival.)

Anyway, the restaurant owners were so insistent that we check

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Bamboo Canyon Hike

On 6/14, we went on a beautiful hike with friends to a local bamboo canyon. Locals say this canyon has fourteen varieties of bamboo. I’m not sure I saw 14 varieties (or even 2 for that matter) but it was a refreshing time.


Grilled fish snacks.

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Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

After a long, hot day, we decided some homemade ice cream might just do the trick. Here’s an easy way to make ice cream via two zip lock bags.


one gallon-size resealable plastic bag one pint-size resealable bag (sandwich size) salt half & half (Nestle Whipping Cream) vanilla extract sugar

Step 1: In

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A Catered Event ????

6/11 For Foreign Teacher Amy’s birthday gathering, Kim & Katie invited a pair of local chefs to come cook a fabulous birthday dinner. The event was truly a momentous occasion because the chef’s restaurant has been closed all semester due to street repairs (it’s on a rather small alley).

Beth made Mamaw’s White Cake

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48 hours of to-do

buy train tickets deliver photos to Li pick up sling from dry cleaners update our student ID’s take Schäfer for 18 month portraits get Beth to write index card buy travel folders ship Marty’s stuff via train ship Kim & Katie’s stuff via EMS buy whipping cream get bus schedule make a jell-o flag take

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An Olympic Torch

While out on the bike last week, I visited my buddy who runs a bike shop. To my surprise, one of the Yichang Olympic torch runners was there with his torch. (All torch bearers keep their torch.)

The torch was surprisingly light weight. The red part was textured so it could not easily slip

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