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No Scabies and a Haircut. Yeah.


We are home.

The laundry pile proves it.

Today was a great day. This morning, we visited our 3rd floor neighbors to give them a bag of duck necks as a thanks for keeping our herb garden. They, in turn, gave us basil trees back. I’m not kidding. I did a triple take.


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Camera Recommendations

It will be another couple days until we get back home to Yichang (currently hanging out in the fantastic city of Nanjing) and a regular internet connection again.

Many people have asked me what I might recommend for a digital camera. Technology changes pretty quickly, and you can hardly go wrong with one of the

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Beijing Welcomes You!

14 days to go until 08.08.08

This song is being played non-stop on the flat screen’s in buses, taxis, and the subway.

Since it’s stuck in my head, I thought I’d stick it in your head too share it with you.

Here are the English Lyrics (as translated by Jackie Chan)

Beijing Huanying Ni

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How To Pronounce Beijing

Beijing Day 13



On our last morning in Beijing we headed off to Beihai Park. Built in 1652, this park is one of the world’s earliest imperial gardens.

Practicing calligraphy with water is a common sight in China. Transient art so to speak.

Hubs took us for another wild

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Beijing Day 12



Listen up! Mac opened their first store in China! And we were there! It turned out to be a fun and high energy event. Wow!

When we first walked up we thought, “Hey! The lines aren’t that bad.” Then, we were escorted to the red building on the left

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