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The Scene: I was speeding along, averaging 26.53km/hr, about 13.43 km into my ride, when I looked down at my meter for a second.

When I looked up, I slammed into a street-sweeper. I went flying. She got knocked down.

I picked the bike up and moved it off to the side of the road then went to see how she was doing. She was lying on the ground. I asked where she was hurting. She said her head hurt some.

I saw blood around her and asked where she was bleeding. Then, I realized that it was coming from me. My chin was bleeding like a faucet. I used my shirt sleeve as a compress to stem the bleeding.

One of the other street sweepers called their company and requested a car and take us to the hospital. The bike was left on the side of the road for the police to get pictures of the scene.

Once at the hospital, we went our separate ways to be examined by doctors. She went to get x-rays. I had a doctor examine my shoulder (no problems, it’ll probably bruise) and my chin (large gash). He said that I needed to get some stitches. I asked if I could go to a hospital in town to get the stitches in a couple hours. He agreed.

The street sweeper had a lump on her head, but none of her bones were broken.

After making sure she was alright and paying her medical bill (it’s the Chinese way), I went to my downtown hospital to get stitches. 20 of them. And a nice white “hat” on my chin as Schäfer calls it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go down to the police station to finish filing the report and pick up my bicycle.

Lesson learned: Keep your eyes on the road.

New challenge: I still have 176.62 km remaining in my goal of riding 2008km this year. I probably won’t be able to ride for a few days. Meaning, I’ll have to put on the kilometers next week to finish by Thursday morning. ??????

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