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Going on Holiday to the States

Today, we boarded a plane to Beijing.

After days of packing and saying goodbye – it’s all over. Well, all over except the 14 hour flight on Monday with a 1.8 year old extrovert confined to an airplane.

Friends kept coming over to say goodbye. We quickly learned to stop worrying about the packing and cleaning and to enjoy these visits. Well, the packing and cleaning did get done – we just lost great amounts of sleep.

The day before yesterday, seven friends came over at one time. It was fun – we laughed, we chatted, we guffawed.

During the conversation, one of them said that we weren’t Americans going back to the States for a visit. We were ChangYang people (local Chinese), going on holiday to the States.

It was really a great moment that still resonates within us.

We are daily reminded that our skin color, tall stature, hair color and large noses prevent us from blending in – yet they consider us one of them.

Well, that party was crashed by another group of 5 who came and stayed until after 10pm.

How much things can change in 3.8 years.

More on that later.

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