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Herb Garden: Part 4 The Grand Finalle

Our herb garden was a complete success – that’s if you judge success as seeing something grow from seed to herb. We saw 4 somethings grow.

That’s wild.

Just wild.

And it gives us BIG IDEAS for next year. Next week, you’ll find me in the horticulture section of our public library. Shocked and amazed – I know!

And the most amazing thing – the herbs made the greatest going away gifts. Who knew? As a group of friends were leaving the house, one lady asked if she could have a small herb. Apparently, the basil smelled really yummy to her. (The basil was really fragrant, but smells don’t always cross cultures so you never know.) When she asked how to cook it, we told her just to throw some in the wok with whatever vegetables. (We’ll see how that goes!)

Then, others wanted a plant too. Pretty soon, our entire herb garden was given away. The truth is that it’s hard to give a gift from America because most “things” in America come from China. And Chinese people look to see where something is from.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the story of our neighbor’s daughter who went to America and brought her Dad back a pair of shoes. Well, those shoes were made in China. They were Chinese shoes! They were not really American. Bless her heart.

Light bulb moment: Herbs are really American and you can’t get them in China. They are also the gift that keeps on giving. So, I might just bring back some extra seed packets to grow as gifts.

Basil Lettuce Leaf variety grew to over 3 feet tall. We once made cabbage rolls, but wrapped them in basil because we had basil growing out of our ears. As soon as we’d pluck some leaves, they would reappear the next day.

Our Basil Lettuce Leaf was so big, a chopstick was applied to strengthen the stem.

This Sweet Basil was good, but Basil Genovese was our most pungent and fragrant variety.

The parsley also did well, but we learned that it didn’t enjoy as much water as the basil did.

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  • Glad to hear that you are on your way to America… hope you have a great time – which I am sure you will… and the doctors appointments went off without a hitch… as for the plants… glad to see they are really taking off… you are developing quite the green thumb… hahaha

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