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Olympic Ceremony – LIVE UPDATE


Since we don’t have cable at our house (and the rabbit ears refused to pick up a channel), we went to our friend’s house to watch the opening ceremony.

I am compelled to tell you that we did buy blueberry Lay’s as a snack. They were on sale. Blueberry Lay’s taste like a Toaster Strudel with crunch. It’s a very chemically engineered food.

Meanwhile, Schäfer was a bit startled by the blast of fireworks at the beginning of the opening ceremonies, but soon found his Olympic spirit and enjoyed dancing to the music.

Just two hours into the program, I was suddenly sick sick sick, Sandra’s hand rash was on fire again and Schäfer wasn’t anywhere close to falling asleep, so we decided to head back home and see if we could catch the rest of the ceremony online.

As we stepped out of the apartment building, we noticed that the streets were oddly quiet. We flagged down a taxi, only to find that he was listening to the ceremony on his radio. Normally on a hot summer night, everyone is outside walking, dancing or standing around chatting.

On our way home, we noticed that no one was out. Every shop, restaurant, and street-side stand had the TV tuned in to the ceremony with a small crowd watching. It was kinda fun listening to the radio and watching the TV’s as we passed by. Sort of a drive-in movie experience!

Once home and with Schäfer in bed, we started searching online for a live broadcast. The first to come up was a broadcast from China. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the stream to work, so we kept searching.

We found another stream that was working just fine, but it was in Macedonian. Yes, Macedonian.

Ironically, at that very moment, the US team was announced so there we were in China watching the US team enter the Bird’s Nest with Macedonian commentary! Go, USA!

Finally, we found an English language stream from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. We are now finishing up the ceremony waiting for the torch to be lit, eh? (Jia you, North American buddy!)

Shorel’s favorite part so far: how each country entered according to how many strokes the first character of their Chinese name has. The first character of the US ?? has nine strokes ?. It entered with the other countries with nine strokes.

If both countries have 9 strokes in their first character, then stroke order will make the decision. If things are still undetermined, the second character finalizes it all. If this is confusing, don’t worry. The Chinese had it perfectly figured out.

Sandra’s favorite part: the dancers who also painted.

Sandra: I’m old. It’s midnight and they haven’t lit the torch yet. Please light the torch already!

Yeah! The torch is lit! (12:06am).

Shorel: Where did they hide it during the ceremony I wonder?

OK. Our little human alarm clock will surely wake at 6:30am. We’re off to bed!

204 countries came. No one boycotted.

One World, One Dream indeed.

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