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On 08.08.08

We woke up on 08.08.08 excited that the Olympics had finally arrived. It seemed surreal. We’d been waiting for this day for such a long time! The day began with a bike club gathering and official Olympic spin along the river. A local torch bearer came so Hubs and Schäfer got to hold the torch.

Listening to the opening speeches.

Ready to roll!

The special speaker is a bike club member who got to run with the torch (read: famous local celebrity!) I love how the microphone is rigged to the bike.

Happy Olympics!

After the bike ride, Schäfer and I took 2 buses to get home. I noticed tons of people getting married. Numbers are very important in Chinese culture and 08.08.08 is about as auspicious as it gets. I read that Beijing was preparing for 9,000 couples to marry today. Yichang had quite a few as well.

Schäfer was a bit worn out and napped most of the way home. When we got off the bus he was completely refreshed and excited to see his pals out by the lotus pond.

Here is is with his favorite playmate taking their daily stroller ride.  Big Sister is just one month older than Schäfer and when they’re together the fun doesn’t stop.

Hey – let’s get a group photo of our kids on 08.08.08. OK! At this point, we were 5 minutes into it trying to convince the kiddos that this location would work.

The absolute best shot.

One second later: chaos continues.

About noon we headed inside for a spaghetti lunch. After a long nap, we went downtown with Schäfer’s BFF’s to a local play area.

In honor of the Olympics, the mall closed at 6:30pm. We headed over to our friend’s house for some yummy food and an memorable opening ceremony.

Wow! Look at 2008 drummers! For our live Olympic ceremony update click here.

So where were you on 08.08.08 at 8pm?

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  • Love the photos of all the kiddies… yep, total chaos… hehe… I didn’t get to watch the Opening… had to work but was able to watch ‘Australia’ walk in… that was what I waited up for now I am so tired… just watching the TV non stop when I can… trying to catch every glimpse of China that I can…

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