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Meet the Milkman

It was during that transition time in American history when we moved from agrarian (having a cow in the backyard) to urban (having a fridge) that the milkman found his market niche. Back before good refrigeration, the milkman would come early in the morning leaving jars of milk on the front porch.

You knew your

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Yogurt for Here

In the northern parts of China, where the weather is cooler, homemade yogurt is readily available at every streetside vendor for 2RMB (28 cents). These small clay jars hold fresh yogurt made just the night before.

Simply drink the yogurt at the stand and return the jar when finished.

Now that’s smooth probiotic goodness.

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A Penny for Your Thoughts

Whenever I see a busy Fortune Teller, I want to walk up to their client and say, “You want to know the future? Well, I can tell you the future!”

Ok, so I’m really just frustrated that people have no direction for the future except a stranger on the street with a book of numbers

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Commercial Free Zone

Lately, I’ve been noticing blaring commercials everywhere.

There are now TV’s on our public buses. Buy this shampoo! Eat this dumpling! Come eat at this restaurant!

Here’s a TV in the yogurt section of the grocery store – just in case reading the labels was too difficult OR we could not find the

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The Jury Is In

We have officially decided that Hubs’ crocs are now China street gray.

Card Players

When the weather is cool, people like to be outside. While on a stroll through the park, we came across these card players. They tried to explain the game, but I got a little lost. It’s a card game that originated in China. Anyone ever played this?

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