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The Interview

On Sunday afternoon, while playing in the park, a young girl approached:

girl: Where did you come from?
me: America.
girl: How long was your train?
me: We came by plane.

10 minutes later…

girl: Did you come for the Olympics?
me: No. We live here.
girl: Where did you learn Chinese?
me: At the local university.
girl: How much did your plane ticket cost?
me: How old are you?
girl: 8.5
me: Oh…our tickets were more or less 8,000rmb.

Frightening is NOT: Why does this child want to know the price of airplane tickets?

Frightening IS: I left obligated to tell her since she asked.

In China, the price of anything is up for discussion. I guess I’ve just grown acustomed to this.

1 comment to The Interview

  • That would have made me uncomfortable! I struggle with price discussions. I always hate the initial payment discussion with a new babysitter, etc. Just not my thing. A career in sales is certainly not for me.

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