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A Day With Grandma Pancake


After 4 days of being at home or bumming rides, it was time to get behind the wheel again.

Beloved Hubs drivers license has expired. Thus, I am the designated driver.

I loathe driving.

I am such a mo mo behind the wheel.

Hubs proclaims from the passenger seat, “PUNCH IT MARGARET! You’re going to shame us and get a ticket for going below the speed limit.”

Maybe it’s all the big rigs on the highway, but I just feel that 50 mph is fast – especially with such precious cargo in the backseat.

“PUNCH IT MARGARET!” He repeats…often…in love.

I have no clue who Margaret is or why she should punch it, but I know that I need to get moving.

It must annoy Hubs.

It annoys me.

So we get to Grandma’s house for a much anticipated huckleberry pancake breakfast. This is pancake number one.

Pancake number two.

Pancake number three.

I think I have enough room for another one of those!

After pancakes, we drove into Coeur d’ Alene to play in this wonderful children’s park. On our way into town, Schäfer slept in the car.

Schäfer far preferred the big kid swing.

After the park, we walked over to the lake where Schäfer threw sticks and rocks to his heart’s content.

We stopped at The Olympia for lunch. Opa!

I had a great Greek salad while Hubs had the mousakka. Schäfer had a little of both.

When we got back to the house (after another nap in the car), Grandma pulled out some old Tonka trucks she got at a garage sell.

Four Tonka’s for $5! Not bad Grandma! They need to be sanded and repainted which might become our task.

Schäfer was in heaven. He loaded up the excavator with rocks then pulled it over to the dump truck and released the rocks into the dump truck before dumping them back on the ground again. Excuse me, but how does he know what these trucks do?


Here’s Schäfer hanging out with bear – a gift from Grandma.

This is Big Cat (aka B.C.).

Grandma had two trees cut down since they were dead. She invited a local artist to come and carve into the stumps. Look at this perfect hammock nook.

That evening we ate Reuben sandwiches before heading back to Grandpa’s. Even though I ate small portions all day, the foods were still very rich.

Our time at home has been amazing. Grandma is a nurse so she works shifts and has two days off mid-week. Hubs sister normally has the beginning of the week free. So it seems like we are able to have great time with family almost every day of the week!

As for “Grandma Pancake” the name seems to be sticking. It’s her fault. She’s the one who asked Schäfer if he would like to come to her house for pancakes. Otherwise she could have been “Grandma English Muffin” or “Grandma All Bran”.

5 comments to A Day With Grandma Pancake

  • “PUNCH IT MARGARET” – hahahah, thanks for the giggle!
    I, too, loathe driving. It’s right up there with ironing.

  • Greetings from Florida – where it is NOT 40* in the morning!!! LOL!

    I’m enjoying reading about your stay here. It’s so nice to be with family, isn’t it?

    That last pic is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh ironing! Right. What’s that? I don’t even own an iron. Serious.

    If you don’t own an iron, then you’ll never feel the need to iron. And you’ll never feel guilt about not ironing.

    It’s such a win/win situation.

    I’ve started using Hubs toothpaste. I just can stand for us to be all out of wack. One toothbrush. One toothpaste. Until dentures do us part.

  • heather

    And much better than ‘Grandma Fruit Loop’. 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE that hammock (and the tree stumps)…awesome!

  • Tell Pam the hammock posts are awesome!! What a great idea!!! the flowers and trees and fruit are beautiful…of course, anything Schafer does is cute.

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