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All Quiet on the Home Front


On Thursday, we decided to hang out at home.  Why not?  We haven’t been home in nearly 4 years! Home is exactly where we want to be!

The weather has been unexpected. Some mornings it can be as cool as 40 degrees. Brrr! That’ll wake you up in the mornin’!

After a mid-afternoon heat we can enjoy 65+ degrees temperatures.

Koko’s kindness knows no limit.

Schäfer is just loving all the time he’s getting with his Papa.

Off for a short hike through the woods.

Schäfer is still waking up in the middle of the night yelling, “Play! Play!” Sometimes he goes back down – other times it takes a while. My bright idea was telling Schäfer that “Raffe is asleep! You must be quiet. We can’t wake Raffe up!” and this completely worked. He laid still and was sweet to Raffe as he chomped on his head and nibbled on his ears.

His afternoon naps have come easily. If anything, we have to make sure he doesn’t oversleep – which again is the jet lag as he never oversleeps.

The car seems to lull Schäfer right to sleep. We once read in a baby book about parents driving the car around to get their newborns to sleep. Since we never had a car, we came up with other tricks to get Schäfer to sleep.

Now, I feel like I’m having to come up with tricks to keep him awake. If he sleeps for 20 minutes in the car that completely spoils his good 2 hour nap. And the good 2 hour nap gives him complete happiness until bedtime. Unlike the 20 minute nap which gives him a bit of fussiness starting at 6pm.

Odd, these little things we have to get used to in America.

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