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Go Ouachita!

[Editor: Our usual columnist, Sandra, is at her ten year college reunion this weekend. I, Hubs, will be filling in.]

Following our wonderful day in Hope, we spent three days at Sandra’s alma mater chatting with folks. Coming from a larger state school, I found Ouachita Baptist University to have a wonderful family-like atmosphere. It seemed that everybody knew everyone. Sandra had no trouble connecting with students and professors again.

Even the campus’ smaller size contributed to the close-knit community that is OBU.

Sandra with one of her college friends, Chris Babb.

We ran into a good friend of ours, Melody, while tromping around campus.


Apparently, one of the OBU fraternities social clubs has a tradition of riding the school mascot, a tiger, when they get engaged. I believe they do so in their underwear. Perhaps it is a display of machismo or virility. Nevertheless, we let Schäfer “Ride the Tiger” for a few second before security caught on to our antics. We made a clean getaway.


The cafeteria was quite lovely, with plenty of large windows providing lighting over the dining area. The food was top notch with a number of stations, including a pasta bar, pizza station, hamburger grill and sandwich bar.

The cafeteria and campus square

This fountain (on the left) is where Sandra let her pet duck, Sam, swim before he went to live on the farm.

Unlike my college, all the buildings architecturally blended well together. I loved all the red brick!

Sandra, Dr. and Dr.Root and Dr.Mitch. Sandra studied under and worked for the Roots in the Mass Communication department back in the day.

It was good to know that this poster was still hanging right next to my work/study desk in the Communications Department.

Amy Taylor, our hostess during our time at OBU.

Thank you for letting us experience this part of your life, my love!

2 comments to Go Ouachita!

  • I was so happy that Sam the duck made this blog post–Sam was a friend of mine. 🙂

    You’ve done a great job filling in for Sandra with your posts. Thanks for sharing all the photos of the campus. Sadly, I think the new cafeteria was open while I was still on campus, however, I never went inside–I ate all my meals at Subway! I guess I was missing out!

  • marianne pitchford

    Hey, I am just now getting to look at these pics and don’t those clothes fit Schaefer perfectly! And look at you two coordinating greens. Good color for both of you!

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