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Since we arrived into Arkansas late, we spent the night at Yammie’s. Schäfer was so happy to wake up and meet his new buddies Alexee and Rhett.

Alexee and Schäfer are just 5 weeks apart so they were fun to watch. Schäfer loved their playroom and didn’t want to leave.

Yammie (who always promises she has no social life – yet seems to always have something going on) was hosting a shower. So the men and I loaded the kids into the SUV and went to the park.

This was our first time to be in an automobile with multiple kids and a DVD player.

This playground is Schäfer’s dream come true!

Alexee seems to love the dirt too!

So here we are with our 5 kids. Yes, there are 5 in this photo! Yammie has Rhett and Alexee plus another one on the way. We have Schäfer and Little Sister on the way via adoption. I’m so pregnant in my heart.

Yammie and I met my junior year at OBU. We both studied abroad at Salzburg College in Salzburg, Austria. In fact, Yammie is the German pronunciation of her name.

Despite my crazy choice to live in China, she has been one of my most faithful friends. And she is the friend that I ask my most ridiculous request to. Such as “Errr…we’re translating these dinosaur books and we suddenly think they rhyme…could you check them out from the library and send me text so we can check our translations?”

OR “Do you know anyone who has a free car seat from now until December 10th?”

OR “Hey Yammie! Can you pick us up from the airport and then drive us to some place in Searcy so we can pick up a car?” OK!

Thank you Yammie for years of friendship!

When we made the arrangements for a vehicle, we weren’t quite sure what type of vehicle to expect. We were completely blown away by the generosity of others. While we are in Arkansas, we’ve been loaned this 2005 Dodge mini-van.

In just 3.5 hours, I’ll be home. Hit the road!

On the way, we had supper at Sonic. Oh my word. Hubs tried a cranberry lime aid. Yum. Note: Sonic doesn’t have bathrooms.

We pulled into my Grandmaw’s about 9:30pm. The Nanamaw (my Mom) had mac and cheese and a new truck waiting for Schäfer.

I LOVE HOME. But due to speaking commitments, we were home for less than 24 hours before having to leave again. But still, HOME. It always smells the same. That’s my favorite part.

5 comments to HOME

  • Yammie

    SO great to see you guys (and meet Schafer for the first time!). I’m sorry that I had to miss out on the playground fun. Also sorry I forgot to pack you a month’s supply of pumpkin dip to-go.

    P.S. Would you please e-mail me the picture you guys got of us and the kids by the fence?

  • Ryan Smith

    I don’t know if you guys are flying or driving but if you come even remotely close to Oklahoma City, we would love to see you guys, hug your neck and meet Schafer. Seriously, even if it is at a gas station along the way. Please let us know. We are going to be down in Texas too, later this month, I vaguely remember you saying you guys will be there some. Hope it happens.

  • I enjoy your blog so much! You live an exciting and interesting life, although I’m sure there must be plenty of tedious and boring parts to it, as well! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date with all that you are trying to squeeze in while you’re here in the states. I’m sure the time spent with family must be especially precious to you.


  • heather

    I love your ‘so pregnant in my heart’ comment. Little Sister is going to be so blessed to have you as her mommy. 🙂

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