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End of Idaho Wrap-Up

SUNDAY 09.21.08

This morning we had the most wonderful service at community group. Schäfer was being very clingy so he came on to the service with us and it was a blessing to be there as a family all praising the Father.

After community group, we were going to town to attend a benefit Grandma Huckleberry was hosting to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. Grandma Huckleberry’s patients all have severe Alzheimer’s so she daily sees the urgency for a cure.

Unfortunately, Grandpa’s car had a bit of trouble so we stopped by Grandma’s and grabbed her extra Subaru. All set. Let’s go!

We stopped by the mall on the way to the spaghetti benefit. Schäfer was easily entertained for about 20 minutes and then he was done.

Unfortunately, the day was a cold 40 degrees and rainy so the spaghetti benefit had a smaller turn out than expected, but the food was delicious. Oh, the meatballs. Yum.

Schäfer had no complaints.

On the way home, Schäfer fell asleep in the car so we decided to stop by Target. This was our first time to Target in 4 years! We put Schäfer in the Ergo and he fell right to sleep on Mommy. That gave us a good 45 minutes to walk around and check out new gadgets. We didn’t buy anything, but we were startled to see leg warmers for sale. Seriously? Leg warmers are back!?!

MONDAY 09.22.08

Hubs had a couple of questions for the bank and Grandpa needed a car part, and I wanted to take Schäfer to the library so we all decided to go to town.

Schäfer unfortunately was having One Of Those Toddler Days. These OOTTD are kind of new to us. And today was such an OOTTD. Schäfer requested to wear his green shoes. So, I put the shoes on his feet and immediately he started crying because he didn’t want to wear those shoes.

Excuse me, but didn’t you ask to wear those shoes just 2 seconds ago?

I had also dressed him in overalls which had never bothered him before, but apparently today they were not going to work.

In the end, Schäfer and I were both crying on the couch. He was crying because of his clothing obstacles. I was crying because at one point during the flailing, I was trying to hold Schäfer and he rammed his head against my chin which made me bite my tongue on both sides.

Isn’t it just a lovely day to go to the library?

We did have a great time at the library and 2 hours flew by really fast. Schäfer has never known a stranger.

We met up with Shorel’s sister, brother-in-law, cousin Kaeleb for a final hurrah lunch at Olive Garden. Thank you Kim & Katie for the gift certificate!

After Olive Garden, we walked over to Borders and had a nice time reading books. I could have spent 10 hours there catching up on 4 years worth of books I’ve missed.

TUESDAY 09.23.08

This morning, we found Schäfer playing in Uncle Stefon’s boots! Uncle Stefon is currently stationed in Alaska so we are hoping he can come home for Christmas.

We baked a new Scottish Oatmeal Scone recipe for breakfast. Schäfer crinkled the placemat up and said “tunnel!” then drove his scones through them. Guess he picked that up on our Route of the Hiawatha.

Speaking of riding, today Hubs rode his bike to and from Sandpoint. He had to go in for an eye doctor appointment. Schäfer and I stayed at Grandpa’s. He was pretty tired from all of yesterday’s running around so it was fun to curl up and real books for an hour.

That evening, we were surprised to see the blackberry patch all ready for pickin’.

Schäfer and I picked for a while. I picked. He ate…and ate…and ate.

Then we went down to see the goats. Aunt Katrina offered him some goat food and Schäfer ate that too. Funny kid. Thankfully, I was able to get it all out of his mouth before he swallowed anything.

Off to see the sheep.


When we got back to the house, Papa and Grandpa had picked over 4 gallons of blackberries! For supper we had pork with blackberry BBQ sauce and blackberry cobbler. Yum!

WEDNESDAY 09.24.08

This morning we went over to Grandma Huckleberry’s just to hang out on her day off. We baked Scottish Oatmeal Scones and Huckleberry Sones. Oh the wonder of an American oven!


These days, a great way to entertain Schäfer is to fill up the sink and let his dinosaurs go swimming. Seriously, he will stand here and play for 45 focused minutes.

The Huckleberry scones were incredible. I guess they turned the dough a little blue because they were frozen when we baked them?

Hubs spent most of the afternoon on Grandma’s high speed internet working on our finances. I got a few blogs done (oh to be caught up!) and then we enjoyed a wonderful roast with carrots and fresh squash.

THURSDAY 09.25.08

Today was the day I had been waiting for quite some time.

But I didn’t know it was goign to be today.

Last night, Grandpa’s friend Nancy came over to visit. She works for Coldwater Creek and was telling me about all their amazing sales. So this morning, Nancy and I jumped in her car and went shopping.

I haven’t bought clothes in 4 years!

Honestly, I’m not a big clothing shopper. Since we’ve been back Hubs has been encouraging me to go buy some clothes, but we’ve been busy with family and I didn’t feel comforatble driving around because I’m not from Idaho so I don’t know where anything is.

But today was so fun. We were on a tight time schedule so the sales assistants were so great and helped me find the right sizes. I was so delighted with what I found that I wore one outfit out of the store.

Meanwhile, Hubs and Grandma Huckleberry ran some errands in town and we met up at noon. Today was our final day with Grandma Huckleberry so we went to Hudson’s Hamburgers.


Hudson’s only sells hamburgers and drinks. No fries. No shakes. It’s been this way since 1907. And the best part – it’s still family run.

What’s for lunch? Hamburgers, of course!

While downtown, we had a Mudgy Moose sighting! We spent a good portion of the afternoon price comparing a certain item, but I can’t tell you about any of that because it will be the Christmas present of someone who reads this blog.

We headed home and did some serious sorting and packing because tomorrow we fly out. That could possible be the fastest 25 days of my life.

So long Idaho. We’ll be back in December for a very white Christmas!

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