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The Boys in Hope

Our Sunday night drive to Arkadelphia went smoothly. The highlight of our trip was when Hubs grabbed a quick sandwich and salad at Subway for supper. We are just livin’ it up in the good ol’ US of A.

Bright and early Monday morning, I was invited to speak in a class in the Communications Department. We checked Schäfer into a local day care so I was free for the entire morning.

After speaking in class and introducing Hubs to some of my former professors, I decided to seize the free 45 minutes. I got a much needed haircut.

Introducing Everyday Me: long hair in pony tail for convenience.

This is Mop Head Me: long hair that hasn’t been cut in over a year.

This is Currently Me: enjoying a new do. I love it. It’s so much easier.

After grabbing lunch at Arby’s (Note: you have to request grilled chicken for their salads – otherwise you’ll get fried breaded chicken on it), we picked up Schäfer from day care and drove to Hope.

Where we met our good friends Charlie, Marianne and Joshua. They had some wonderful clothes that Joshua had grown out of and they wanted to give them to Schäfer. We decided that the best place to meet would be the birth home of our 42nd President.

Almost 50,000 people from 157 different countries have visited Bill Clinton’s 1st home. We’re pretty sure Hubs is the first person from Huckleberry Mountain to come to Hope.

Did you know that Bill Clinton was the 42nd Governor of Arkansas and the 42nd President of the United States? That’s why he has “Cafe 42” in his Presidential Library in Little Rock.

The Clinton Foundation Visitor and Exhibits Center has several displays and photographs documenting Clinton’s childhood. The museum store includes President Clinton’s 21 favorite books on history and philosophy.

This rug is an exact replica of his rug in the oval office…just half the size. Joshua thought his train enjoyed the carpet.

117 S. Hervey Street
This is the home where William Jefferson Clinton lived just after he was born.

Joshua and Schäfer play in President Clinton’s sandbox! Unfortunately, neither Joshua nor Schäfer can be President of the United States because they were not born in America. We’re shooting for Secretary of the Senate instead.

Joshua thinks President Clinton’s tricycle could use a new tire.

Then we headed over to the train station which in 1996 became Visitor Center & Museum. It was originally built in 1912 as the Iron Mountain Missouri Pacific Railroad Depot. Passenger trains stopped here until 1971.

Both President Clinton and former Governor Huckabee were born in Hope and both are represented in the train station museum.

Schäfer helps Joshua drive his trains up the pole.

It’s a young Clinton waiting to buy a ticket!


Clinton was four when his mother married Roger Clinton. (His biological father died in a car accient before he was born.) They moved to this home on 321 East 13th. This is known as the boyhood home of Bill Clinton. He lived here for 3 years before moving to Hot Springs.

We ate supper at Uncle Henry’s BBQ pit which has been featured on The Food Channel. After all, they do boast fresh potato salad made daily.

Thanks Charlie and Marianne for all the amazing clothes. They are a perfect fit! Thanks Joshua for sharing your trains with Schäfer.

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