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Flash Flood!

(On Friday, Hubs left for a weekend in Charleston with his brother while Schäfer and I visited with my sister.)

I never enjoy driving in flash floods.

Friday evening I hopped in the van and drove to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit with my little brother in the Coast Guard. Along the way I stopped

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West Coast Friends Gone East


Since my sister and her husband were busy at work, we decided to visit our old friends, Glen and Irene. (The ones on the right.) We became good friends with them when we lived in San Francisco. Their move to Virginia made it über convenient to reconnect.

Our friends took us to

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OBU 10 Year Reunion

10.17.08 – 10.20.08


So, we were at my sister’s in North Carolina when my college 10 year reunion came around. We considered driving back for the reunion, but Hubs brother was looking at a possible 6 week assignment in South Carolina – which is much closer than his present

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Weekend in Stoneville

It was a bit chilly on Saturday. Which was odd, since it was 87 on Thursday. Regardless, Schäfer wanted to stay in his pajamas and play inside, so we did. I believe we read every one of Schäfer’s books at least twice. Played with the trucks and trains for an extended time. At one point

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Hillbilly Hideaway

I dropped the love of my life off at the airport early in the morning and made it back to catch another hour’s sleep before Schäfer woke up. Due to the rain, Schäfer and I had a wonderful day of playing inside.

That evening Chris, Gloria, Schäfer and I went to the HillBilly Hideaway restaurant.

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The Famous Pumpkin Roll

My sister’s husband is famous for his pumpkin roll. So famous, that he’s started selling them. Here are a few photos of him in action.