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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

Since our contribution to the meal (homemade cranberry sauce) was made the night before, Thanksgiving morning was stress free. Hubs and Schäfer watched some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Schäfer loved the balloons.

Since lunch wasn’t until two, Schäfer passed the rest of the morning driving “acorn hats” up and down the pumpkin. OK, so that lasted just until the cousins arrived.

The cousins are always up for fun. In the background, you can see my relatives gabbin’ on the front porch. I believe there was some snackin’ going on as well.

The home cookin’ was in full effect. In the front dish is my Grandmaw’s giblet gravy. It’s incredible and I’ve eaten it every holiday (that I’ve been in Arkansas) since birth.

What do you use that giblet gravy for? Why to put on the chicken and dressin’.

Hey! Is that homemade cranberry sauce? You mean it doesn’t naturally come from a can! Bless all the hearts.

My Great Aunt Martiel loves Nanamaw’s “Jell-o Green Salad”. I don’t have this recipe, but I believe it consists of whipped cream, marshmallows, pecans, and a box of green Jell-o. Whoever defined this as a “salad” is definitely a liberal when it comes to food groups.

Nanamaw also made her fruit salad.

But what Nanamaw is famous for is her from scratch banana pudding. In fact, half of it was gone when I took this photo.

But Aunt Judy is truly the cooking authority. This is her blue ribbon pound cake. The recipe was passed down from her Bomby. And I’m talking Texas blue ribbon pound cake – so you know the competition is fierce.

Schäfer literally shares some love with his cousin.

All the cousins.

What does your family do for fun? We sit around the table and talk and talk…and talk.

OK – confession.

I realize this post is severely lacking family photos. The house was packed. Half the people I didn’t know, but they were all kin to my kin. Well, just grab a plate and help yourself.

Based on the photos above you can see my priority! Have no fears, I got more family photos the day after Thanksgiving.

Once the kids were down, we perused through the Thanksgiving Day paper which was almost as thick as an upright tea bag. See?

With three little pumpkins to shop for and a cash only budget (because she’s smart like that), Trish ripped ads, circled items, and created a check list that would make Suzy Orman proud. She and Betsy agreed to leave at 3am for some serious shopping.

Meanwhile, a certain little boy that you all know has been declaring – in the sweetest voice imaginable – for quite some time “I need train.” During our October road trip we stayed at a couple of homes that had trains and well, those trains have stayed in his mind.

So, we looked through the ads to see if any trains were on sale. We could only find this figure eight train set for $39.99!
Then, I had a moment of brilliance. “Hubs, let’s look on eBay to see if we can find anything used!”

We stumbled across this: 284 pieces of Thomas, Brio and Imaginarim wooden train sets! All of these brands wooden tracks work together. There was only an hour left to go in the bidding. The highest bid was $31.00. Quick Hubs – bid $31.50.

And so it began. We and one other family (bless their hearts) began our bidding war. The bids went up to $42.00 (our bid) with 30 minutes to spare and we sat waiting for them to outbid us. But they did not. They just waited for the clock to tick away so we could bid like crazy in the last two minutes.

Here’s Hubs waiting to bid like crazy.

Meanwhile, I’m having a near emotional meltdown trying to discern who these people are. I created various sad scenarios about these people and why they truly deserve the train set only to have my great Aunt and Trish diffuse each one. What if they are… Maybe this is their only chance…

Well, the bidding did sit until the last minute or so. Then, we went back and forth and back and forth until…284 pieces of train was ours!

That’s 28lbs. of railway to be exact. Yes, that will take up half of a suitcase, but it’s worth it.

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