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Thanksgiving Road Trip


For Thanksgiving, we took a road trip to Texas to visit my Great Aunt and extended family. Of course, we made a couple of stops along the way. Just a few.

On Saturday, we loaded up the van and drove to Tyler, TX for a very special birthday celebration – but before

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Thankful Art

Schäfer created art during community group this morning. It’s so fun to see his craft projects.

Friday Night = Catfish

In order to provide a block of uninterrupted work time for Hubs, Schäfer and I went to the library this morning for a couple of hours. Going to the library is good so long as I have a strategy: truck, train, and animal books. Otherwise, things can quickly go crazy and random books start

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Mailing DNA 101

I entered the post office. Handed my package marked Family Tree DNA to Post Gal and waited…

and waited…

and waiting…

finally, I said, “You can just send this the cheapest way.”

“I’m trying to figure out how to mail blood.” replied Post Gal.

“Oh, this isn’t blood. It’s just some spit on a q-tip.”

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School Day

This morning, Schäfer enjoyed the pile of leaves in the front yard before we started our big day.

We ran errands to the library, post office and our local goodwill donation drop-off before driving over to see The Nanamaw.

Now for you American Mom’s this is just another day, but for me it

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Home Improvement Part 1

The day started the way any guy would want it to…with a pry bar and power tools. I had to tear out the old molding and door frame, then do some trimming to get the new door frame to fit.

Meanwhile, it was pretty chilly outside so Schäfer stayed in. Sandra was flipping

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