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Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

We spent Thanksgiving at my great Aunt Judy’s House. Welcome!

Aunt Judy is famous for her Texas sized dinner parties and her homemade candy lovingly made each Christmas.

It’s so good to be in Texas for Thanksgiving.

It didn’t take long for Texas to ware Schäfer out. Bless his heart.

Let’s go to Aunt Judy’s backyard. OK!

Why – it’s the Guadalupe River.

Schäfer gets a feel of the water.

All ready for a paddle boat ride.


Aunt Judy has all kinds of neat toys.


This guy was on the move non-stop.

He liked putting the “hats” on the acorns.

He discovered rocks could go in his pocket.

He tried to put a rock in his bellybutton.

When that didn’t work out, he put rocks in his pant cuffs.

Seems to me that his hair is getting a little darker. Sigh.

The very best part of visiting Aunt Judy’s is cousins!

Another fun cousin!

And yet another cousin! The fun just keeps coming.

Schäfer loved these girls. When they went home, he would ask when his friends were coming back.

Even though Thanksgiving hadn’t officially begun, we opened the fruitcake that Nanamaw picked up from the Collin Street Bakery.

If you’re the type of person to re-gift a fruitcake, please send it our way! We love it – especially Hubs. (Well, he only likes good fruitcakes.)

The Nanamaw and Grandmaw arrived late yesterday. (The fruitcake shopping slowed them down!) My sister arrived today. Seems like we are ready to give thanks.

Hubs and I took Schäfer to meet Aunt Martiel. She said she saw so much of the Nanamaw’s side of the family in his face – especially my Papaw. The way she expressed herself and her facial expressions reminded me so much of my Papaw. Oh how I do miss him.

Aunt Martiel has officially decided that we will all be coming to visit her tomorrow on Thanksgiving day. We’re especially sad that she doesn’t feel up to joining us, but we respect her decision.

My cousin seems to think that if we went there and Hubs lifted her up and put her in the car that she would come over to the house, but we’re trying to limit how many people we kidnap from elderly care facilities.

2 comments to Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

  • sherry

    It looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I’m so happy for you!

  • jdavis2

    the pictures of Schafer & his rock are some of my all time favorites! i think i know a little boy who is in serious need of cargo pants! too cute! can’t wait to visit in person! 🙂 missing you… and looking forward to seeing you soon! yippy!

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