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A New Year’s Worth of Habits

On the 31st we wanted to go to town to take Schäfer’s two year portraits. Aunt Katrina also wanted to go take Kaeleb’s one year portraits at Sears since she’s a member. Unfortunately, Schäfer woke up with a fever (again!) and the clothes we wanted him to wear were dirty. So…we made the most of

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The Day Before The 2nd Birthday

Schäfer woke up with a fever. Hubs gave him some Tylenol and sent him back to bed. He slept until 8am. Once he was feeling better, he opened his gift from Aunt Gloria and Uncle Chris.

Each year, they give him a Hallmark ornament. This year’s Thomas ornament went along with his train theme.

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One Down. Five to Go.

We had a usual Sunday. In the morning, Schäfer played with his new trains. After community group, we went back to Grandpapa’s house. Unfortunately, there was so much rain we couldn’t get in the drive way. We had to park the Subaru on the single-lane road and walk to the house.

Hubs spent the

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Fun at Grandma Huckleberry’s

Schäfer woke up this morning ready to get things working around the house. His favorite tool: the wrench.

Ok! The Christmas tree is fixed. On to the next project.

He spent the morning playing with tools and trains.

Meanwhile, Hubs and Grandma Huckleberry slipped away for some mother/son bonding. They had a

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Jingle Bell Dance

Jingle Bell Dance from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.

Christmas Creative 2008

Now that Christmas has past and all of the boxes have been opened and care packages received, I thought I would share some of the more creative gifts we gave this year. These gifts are always my favorite, take the most planning, and normally require a final push at 2am, but they’re worth it.

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