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A New Year’s Worth of Habits

On the 31st we wanted to go to town to take Schäfer’s two year portraits.  Aunt Katrina also wanted to go take Kaeleb’s one year portraits at Sears since she’s a member. Unfortunately, Schäfer woke up with a fever (again!) and the clothes we wanted him to wear were dirty. So…we made the most of our morning and packed 2 bags! Yep, that’s 3 out of 6 bags already packed.

Around 3 o’clock we went to Grandma Huckleberry’s. Schäfer was so tired he sat beside me on the couch and fell asleep. Bless his heart.

Later that evening, we rang in the new year by going to sleep at 9:45 pm.


Just wild.

But before we went to sleep, we talked about some new habits we’d like to form:


I didn’t do great in my goals last year. I almost made my goal of riding 2008km. (Definitely would have made it had I not collided into a street sweeper.) Read through The Word in 150 days rather than 90.  I learned 7 out of 12 songs before I had to return the guitar I was borrowing. And I never finished the wedding video. With that said…

  • Ride 2009 Miles this year (that’s 3233.17 km)
  • Eat one dessert a week
  • Learn one guitar song a month (I’m buying a guitar once I get back.)
  • Learn to make cheese, butter, yogurt and buttermilk
  • Read through the NT in Chinese
  • And, yes, finish the wedding video


OK. So I completely failed in completing even one goal from last year. I KNOW.

Nevertheless, here’s some goals for 2009.

  • Journal twice a week
  • Read two books a month
  • Get our home movies uploaded & burned on DVD

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