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A New President

“Schäfer, today America will have a new President!”
“A new present!”
“No, today we will have a new President. Can you say President Obama?”
“Present Obama!…I want new present!”

It has been a privilege to be in America during our presidential elections. We have exercised our right to vote and today we will sit back and watch a smooth transition of power – a privilege that so many nations never experience.

Except that we couldn’t get the TV to work!

So we listened to the events on the radio as we drove into town.

Rick Warren made me cry.

Today was our final day of errands. We picked up Schäfer’s photos from Sears (the scanner is already packed so we’ll share them later), grabbed the final items on our list and enjoyed the Olive Garden’s unlimited soup and salad one final time.

More chicken and gnocchi soup please!

We reflected about how we are both excited to be returning to China. Yes, we’ll always be sad to leave those who have known us the longest, but one can only live out of a suitcase for so long. And we’ve concluded that 4.5 months is our limit.

After lunch, Hubs met Grandpapa at the bank. Once they concluded their business, we made one last trip to Wal-Mart simply because the house was out of milk and juice.

While in the yogurt section, I realized again how many product options America offers. Even with its great variety of dairy, we’re happy to be done with Wal-Mart and shopping in general. In fact, Hubs has “put his foot down.” He will officially not go into another store.

Once home with our yogurt, we started Schäfer on this Latent Tb medicine. That’s a half pill a day for the next 9 months.

First we tried the half pill with juice. He spit it out.

Then we tried the half pill in yogurt. He threw it up.

I told Hubs, “We need a meat tenderizer to smash this up and put it in yogurt like my Grandma does!”

Finally, we smashed the pill with a boring spoon and put it in a tablespoon of yogurt. It tasted funny, but Schäfer was willing to “eat it like a dinosaur” if we growled with him.

That evening, we packed all of our carry-ons – toiletries included all the way down to our toothbrush. This made Hubs very happy to have everything in a bag somewhere.

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