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California: The 15th State

01.09.09 – 01.17.09

On Friday, we departed a snowy Idaho for sunny California adding 15 to the number of states we’ve visited. As much as we enjoy the snow, it was time increase our Vitamin D via all natural sunshine.

So, we headed to SoCal for 9 days of…meetings. No Disney. No Knoxberry Farm. Just work.

9 days = 26 appointments

We were meeting with people breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time inbetween. Wow.

The week was so fruitful and such a blessing. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. And truth be told: Schäfer’s still a little young for an all-day theme park.

Of course, we were surprised to be in California and not in our beloved San Francisco, but after we arrived in SoCal and realized all the neat things that He had arranged, then we could see His hand in it all.

SO, to all our San Francisco peeps, we are still in a little bit of shock that we didn’t make it there, but we hope you’ll forgive us. We will eventually come back. After all, it’s where Hubs and I fell in love, got engaged, and made our first home.

Here are a few memories of our time in SoCal:

The night before we left, we told Schäfer that we were getting on an airplane. He seemed to truly understand that the next day he would get to go on the plane.

Now that Schäfer is two, he gets his own seat – thanks to the ticket that we have to buy for him. Really? Three plane tickets? And I guess that number is just going to keep growing.

Here’s a 20 second video of Schäfer during take-off:

Be Careful Airplane from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.


Ahhh…Kristen. What a joy it is to see an old friend. I love new friends, but it’s so neat to be with people you go way back with.

While in SoCal, our friends hooked us up with a house. Schäfer felt completely at home.

The double-double at In-N-Out made Hubs fell completely at home.

I guess In-N-Out made a big impression on Schäfer because the next morning when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast he replied,  “hamburger and french fries.” But instead he got these incredible steel cut oats from Trader Joes:

We’d heard about steel cut oats (aka Irish or Scottish oats) but this was our first time to try them. Yum! It’s oatmeal with texture.

Schäfer and I went to the mall for a couple of hours. He’s now very into hiding.

Bruce and Erin shared the goodness of In-N-Out with us too!

Meanwhile, Kristen ran the world.

Beautiful SoCal.

In the midst of a Vitamin D treatment.

California dreamin’.

Schäfer loved whole wheat noodles.

California beauties.

Since I’ve gone to Coldstone twice and ordered mistakes both times, Hil decided it was time to cash in her buy one get one free coupon. Menu? What menu? Hil is an expert at making her own creations.

I ordered the cake batter ice cream with yellow cake and chocolate brownie and was incredibly pleased. Hil said, “It’s ice cream that taste like cake.” Well, that’s what I wanted. After all, cake is my favorite food group.

Mr. Mischief indeed.

While there, we slipped away for Date #3 where participated in all the latest rage: yogurt buffet! We went to Cherry on Top where we tasted lots of yogurt, selected our flavor, then went to the toppings buffet:

After loading on the toppings,  the final creation is weighed on a scale.

We enjoyed the tart yogurt with lots of fresh fruit. Yum! Good call hubs!

And then we were off. Hubs and I were on different flights because he had to go to southern Idaho to meet some great people which left me managing Schäfer through three airports with two carry-ons. It wasn’t easy since Schäfer thinks being chased is fun, but I did it and have a renewed respect for single Mom’s.

Thank you to everyone who took time to meet with us.
We came not knowing what to expect.
We left amazed.

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