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OK. This is it.

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This morning, Hubs took Schäfer swimming in the hotel pool so I could get caught up on the blog. They came and greeted me at the window a couple of times. Hubs said it was his own mini Polar Bear Plunge. Yes, friends, he is walking barefoot on the snow.

This post concludes our Journey to the West.


We’re still processing America, but there’s no time to wax poetically since Hubs is currently checking out of the hotel and I promised to have the computer in the bag when he comes back.

We’re on our way to the airport.

We love you all and we are looking forward to being on the Eastern Journey.

4 comments to OK. This is it.

  • Brigitte

    Hey guys! It was so fun to get to see you while in the States. Looks like you packed in many fun experiences while here! We pray your journey east is a smooth one.

  • Well, I just read the last blog here and am actually crying. Partly because I know it was hard for you all to say farewell to your fam and also because I am bummed we did not get a day to hang out again. (probably a little hormone action going on too!!) I’m so glad the box arrived before you left and I hope you were able to use some of the stuff. I AM excited for you guys to be back where you belong. Totally looking forward to the Eastern Journey again! Bless you guys.

  • Thinking of you during your travels! Such a blessing to get to see your family this fall/winter during your time in the States.

  • Beth

    It has been such a joy reading your blog. It was great watching you travel around the US. I look forward to reading about your re-entry into China. Safe travel, and I hope to read more soon!

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