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Date #2

Thanks to Aunt Katrina who gave us gift certificates for Christmas and one night of free babysitting, we slipped away for Date #2. Our first gift certificate was to Noodle Express. Now, we pretty much promised ourselves that we would not eat any kind of Asian food while in America and we have indeed

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Poogan’s Porch Buttermilk Biscuits

In October I stumbled into a nice little Charleston restaurant called Poogan’s Porch. That evening I was served the best buttermilk biscuits I have ever tasted, along with some honey-butter. I salivate.

So, being in a land where our motto is “if you can’t get ’em, make ’em”, I ran across a recipe for Poogan’s

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Moscow Part 2

Our adventures in Moscow continued as we visited Hub’s college community group. He had a wonderful time of catching up with so many familiar faces. Hubs grew in The Word and his purpose when he lived here so this is a meaningful place to come back and visit.

Shorel was proud to show Schäfer

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Moscow Part 1

This morning, we headed off to Moscow, Idaho which is pronounced “Mos-koe” just to eliminate any and all possible confusion. We didn’t see the Kremlin. We did see the University of Idaho. Go Vandals!

Before we hit the 2 lane road to Moscow, we stopped by the doctor’s office to see what this recent

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Ahhh…doesn’t it seem exciting to start a new year! Everything is so fresh with unlimited possibilities.

This morning, we went to Sears and took Schäfer’s 2 year photo. We ordered 2 different ones. When they’re in (on the 20th!) I’ll share them with you. For me, they turned out OK. Not great. Not

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