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So Long Dear Friend

Ting left this morning.

I thought I’d be just fine. After all, she’s BFF #3 to leave.

But I wasn’t.

Hubs helped me make a DVD of photos set to music to give as a going away gift. Only, some of the photos were cropped incorrectly so we had to rebuild and burn

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Strawberry Fields

The weather is incredible. Today, I wore my Crocs and capri pants. Surely summer is on the way.

So here’s the story: Ting was raised here and her parents still live here. When she was pregnant, she left the big city she actually lives in and came home so her Mom could help with the

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I finally hit the track. When our Helper started giving Schäfer a language lesson each morning, I was suppose to have a free hour. My goal for this hour: exercise.

When we started Schäfer’s language class, he needed some monitoring. Our helper would say things to him and he’d yell “NO!” just because he

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Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday marked our 16th month of officially waiting for our child.

Some families take time to recognize their LID as each month passes. They might buy a gift for the baby or celebrate in a special way.

We haven’t done this. Maybe we’re a little boring.

We think and talk of our child constantly.


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US Children are also Internationally Adopted

Netherlands limits adoptions of US children

THE HAGUE (AFP) — The Dutch government said Wednesday it would make it more difficult to adopt American children, who formed the third largest group of foreign adoptions in the Netherlands last year.

“The adoption of children from the United States will be subjected to

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The Lotus Pond Gang Attends Jiu Jiu’s Wedding

The entire Lotus Pond Gang was invited to Yu Jie Jie’s Uncle’s wedding. OK! Let’s go!

We were assigned the task of picking up Yu Jie Jie at 9:30 am and playing with her until the wedding started at 12 noon. We went to her house as planned. But alas, Yu Jie Jie was asleep.

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