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Good Friday Goodness 2009

singing praise songs in the shower
when drying my hair, I noticed it was still quite dirty
realizing that I was so caught up in my songs that I literally forgot to wash my hair
no hot water left so I guess I’ll shower again tomorrow

dying eggs with Rong Rong

Schäfer’s first time to peel an egg


opening our first delicious batch of hard cheese

Schäfer’s fever after his nap – having a “lollipop” = Children’s Tylenol
receiving a package from Kurt and Heather that was mailed last June

Schäfer holds “Farmer Melville” and “Farmer Melville’s Wife”.

the anticipation

the new favorite book

plans to play with Xiao Bao tomorrow
hearing Schäfer’s language leap

Ni jiao shenme mingzi?
An Tian Ju.
What’s your name?

the first time he replied using his Chinese name when asked in Chinese and his English name when asked in English
Nanamaw’s box was not in the post office…no peeps
bike mask arrived
Hubs crazy dash to the market for a gazillion supplies
passing out invites to Sunday’s neighborhood Easter Celebration
Schäfer snuggles at the Lotus Pond and refuses to eat a cookie – the boy is sick
“I love you, Mommy.”
“I love you so much.”
a small bubble tea
hitting 2 grocery stores for Easter party supplies/food
candy shopping – a rite of passage in parenthood
PEEPS! I found a local version of Peeps.
learning that the downtown grocery stores close at 9pm with a bow
meeting Librarian Liu at the bus stop and then enjoying a taxi ride home together
that extroverted taxi driver!
me:  “Next time I ride in your taxi, you can give me a discount.”
him: “If you ride in my taxi again – it’s free.”
not being able to get Good Friday off my mind

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