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I finally hit the track. When our Helper started giving Schäfer a language lesson each morning, I was suppose to have a free hour. My goal for this hour: exercise.

When we started Schäfer’s language class, he needed some monitoring. Our helper would say things to him and he’d yell “NO!” just because he didn’t understand. He’s always loved her, but he would definitely get frustrated. We’ve come a long way. The yelling has stopped. He now looks forward to their time together.

Once that was under control, we had quite a bit of rain. What have I been doing with that hour? Washing clothes and dishes mostly.

Anyway, the rain has stopped and I’ve come to grips with the endless stream of dishes and laundry so I hit the track for the first time in almost a year. I ran three very slow miles and it felt wonderful.

When I got home, at 9am, Zi Hai and his Mommy had already popped over so with a quick change of clothes we were off to see if Mi Le and Ting wanted to go to Jump Zone.

After our play time, Mi Le’s Dad (who is visiting with a snazzy SUV) came to pick us up. While cruising home, I was thinking about how convenient it would be to have a car, but then a motorcycle pulled out on our right and as Mi Le’s Dad swerved to miss the motorcycle he hit a truck on his left. Thankfully, the damage was minimal. My thoughts regarding convenience were over.


On Tuesday, I once again hit the track. My legs were sore, but I again made my three miles adding 2 “power laps” at the end. That’s when I force myself to run like there’s a fire behind me. My legs are lead at that point, but I feel incredible afterward.

Also once again, I came home to visitors. Mi Le was dropped off so Ting Ting could get her stuff packed. The reality of her leaving hasn’t hit me yet.

Hubs asked Schäfer after dinner, “When did you start speaking full sentences?” It seems that he’s had another language leap.

Hubs and I had a “meeting” tonight to discuss things that are on the calendar and then to discuss things that we’d like to see on the calendar. I’ve learned that I’m more productive in these meetings with a diet coke and dark chocolate. I realize this voids my run from earlier in the day.

And speaking of food, I’m actually doing something I’ve never done before: I’m not officially on a diet.  I’m just going to run for a while.

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