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Saturday Play

On Saturday morning, Hubs went for a bike adventure. I think it has almost been 6 weeks since we didn’t have rain on a Saturday. He was so ready to hit the road, get some exercise, and chat with people along the way.

Meanwhile, Schäfer and I went on a play date with Zi Hai.

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Happiness is Friday

Schäfer woke up this morning at 6am.


I could have slept for quite some time.

Oh, for a long, long time.

Hibernation is a good idea.

It was still raining this morning. We went to Mi Le’s house, but according to Nai Nai he was “out”. Ting can get really busy with her shop

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We arrived in Wuhan at 6:47am. Schäfer woke up just before the train stopped. In an effort to get ourselves and our stuff off the train in a speedy manner, we thought we left Raffe on board. Oh my! The stress! Once we were at the bus station, I opened a bag and saw Raffe

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Chinglish #53

At the Great Wall JinShanLing: Caution, dropping stone

The Great Wall – JinShanLin to SiMaTai

For almost a year, we’ve been wanting to hike JinShanLing to SiMaTai. We decided to take an extra day in Beijing and go for it. Since we had a 9pm train to catch, we rented a car. It takes 2.5 hours to get to JinShanLing from Beijing.

To do public transport go to the bus

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I-600A Round 2: Check.

Our train arrived in sunny Beijing at 6:45am. The sky was blue. The weather was cool with a slight breeze.

Since we arrived in the Beijing West station where there is no metro line, we took a taxi to a restaurant where we were meeting friends. Why not squeeze in a breakfast appointment? After

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