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The Bookcase Conundrum

We have all of our childrens books placed in the living room for easy access.

Unfortunately, they are also easily accessed by dust. (Our Helper has even commented on the amount of dust we receive.)

I like the fact that Schäfer can reach up and pull a book down. I especially like it when he takes time from playing to read by himself.

Our problem is that some of the books are starting to brown from all the dust so I’ve been thinking about moving them to a plastic bin which would still be in Schäfer’s reach. The downside to that is they are kind of out of sight/out of mind so he doesn’t just grab one and look through it.

Or maybe moving them to the office which has shelving with glass doors which is convenient for us, but not so much for Schäfer.


4 comments to The Bookcase Conundrum

  • Mary

    Hi Guys,

    I learned from another Mom a long time ago that our kids are only little once and we need to spend our time enjoying that which is fleeting. Dust, unfortunately, can last forever and een if you dust hourly still returns. So….leave the books where they are and enjoy the cuddle time with your son because you’ll blink and he’ll be too big to sit on your lap or he won’t be interested in sitting.



  • jdavis2

    understanding your dust problems all too well… our bookcase has glass doors, which really is a book saver. my plan is to keep most books in the bookcase but have a small basket of books for lil’ one that is easily accessible. probably the trick to this is to rotate the books out every so often. if schafer decides he really needs to read a particular book you then know you can leave that one out for a week or so… before he moves on to another book of interest. i’ve heard people use this same concept with toys… just a few thoughts.

    • When we first came back, I had his books in plastic bins and he would go over and pull out whatever he wanted. However, at his point, Schäfer has most of his books memorized so he literally wants read books that aren’t in the bin. So I either need to buy more plastic bins (which are obnoxious in the living room) or I need to put the books on a shelf and pull 30 each day. (We generally read 27 books, but who’s counting?)

      We also get quite a bit of dust in our glass cabinets. Not a plethora, but some.

      Yes, we do have his toys sorted and we switch them out weekly, but there are days when he’s got on bag of toys and he’ll say, “I need my blue truck.” So I’ll have to go to the closet and pull out his blue truck which makes him want the rest of the toys that are put away. I’ve found toy switching to be a challenge lately, but for the most part he does play with the bag that I have put out. If everything is out, he doesn’t really play. He just kind of moves quickly from one toy to the next. ha!

  • Andrea

    Everything where we live gets dusty – no matter what you do… blah! dust is a pain!
    You could maybe rotate the books… keep a few out on the shelf and the others in the plastic box and then after a week, clean those books off and put them in the box and put a new batch on the shelf? That’s the only idea I have 😉

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