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The Lotus Pond Gang Attends Jiu Jiu’s Wedding

The entire Lotus Pond Gang was invited to Yu Jie Jie’s Uncle’s wedding. OK! Let’s go!

We were assigned the task of picking up Yu Jie Jie at 9:30 am and playing with her until the wedding started at 12 noon. We went to her house as planned. But alas, Yu Jie Jie was asleep.

The kids scored some candy. (A foreshadowing of what the entire day would be like!) We headed to the hotel to help Yu Jie Jie’s Mom get the tables prepared.

I’m not exactly sure what we were thinking when we offered to go and help get the banquet tables ready – as if we should expose our 2-year-olds to so much fine China. But we did. And thankfully nothing was broken.

In between getting the tables finished and waiting for the bride and groom to show up, we sat outside and…took photos of ourselves.




The happy bride and groom.

Schäfer and Le Le with the bride.

Le Le was excellent at taking photos with her Dad’s cell phone. What can I say? She only 3 and she’s already her kindergarten class monitor. The girl has skills.

Yu Jie Jie eventually woke up and came to the wedding! We spent some time parousing the fish tanks together.

Hubs and Schäfer play a serious game of Simon Says.

And finally, at 12 noon the bride and groom make their grand entrance.

Yu Jie Jie sat up front at the family table. Nai Nai was so happy and looked so beautiful.

Meanwhile, the LPG sat in the back of the back. The room was packed so we all ended up eating lunch with our kiddos in our laps.

We came home exhausted. What is it about weddings?

Every single member of this family went down for a nap.

Mine was 2 exceptional hours.

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