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On Friday evening, we headed to Rong Rong’s house. I’m not sure that watching Thomas the Train in Chinese is all that productive with words like Sodor Suspension Bridge, freight cars, the Shed, diesels, steamies, coaling stop, etc. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the men hunted, spotted and bagged a James the Red Engine on

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Today marks month 17 of waiting for our daughter.

There is still no matching occurring because of Swine Flu.

While we’ve been waiting, we have had friends: start the adoption process, file their dossiers, be matched with a child and are now heading to South Korea, India or Ethiopia to wrap their precious one in

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Reflections on Mandarin Blockbusters

On Tuesday afternoon (half-price movie day), Sandra and I decided to go see Star Trek. Sandra had never been to the Yichang movie theater and I had only been twice. But, for whatever reason, that day the theater wasn’t showing Star Trek. Well, we already had a sitter and were downtown, so we decided

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Dragon Boat Festival 2009

Duan Wu Jie (端午节) or Dragon Boat Festival is one of China’s oldest festivals dating back 2300 years.

Qu Yuan was a patriotic poet (340 BC-278 BC or 343-290 B.C.) who threw himself in the Mi Luo river in Hunan. Legend has it that people went out in boats and threw sticky rice cakes

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China nominates Duanwu Festival for UNESCO list

China nominates Duanwu Festival for UNESCO list By Wang Jingqiong (China Daily)

Four years ago, the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Ganjeung Danojie (Duanwu) festival made the prestigious UNESCO list of intangible heritages, which sparked a heated debate, with China claiming and the ROK acknowledging that the festival originated in the Chinese mainland.

The Dragon Boat

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After a play date on our way to the bus stop, I passed this lady making fresh zongzi or sticky rice dumplings.

Putting dates inside.

Packing the rice down.

Tying them together.

Zongzi reminds me that Dragon Boat Festival is near.

Why zongzi?

Duan Wu Jie (端午节) or Dragon Boat

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