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Happy Mother’s Day 2009

I woke up this morning to silence. Truly a moment to be savored.

Hubs had taken Schäfer to the dairy so I had the early morning to myself. I slept in. It was marvelous.

I woke up with an irritated rash on my face. I’ve had it for a few days and obviously my plan of “it’ll go away” isn’t working. Aside from the occasional scratching, it was fine.

As I was getting ready, Schäfer kept saying, “Happy Mother’s Day! Mommy!” over and over. He said I should “have a cake with 3…5 candles in it.” Good idea.

After our usual oatmeal breakfast, Hubs started pasteurizing the milk and then I got a couple of craft projects underway.

First, Schäfer painted me a picture or three.

The final pictures:
Art Project

Art Project0001

Then, we traced our hands. (Final project coming soon.)

Next, we made hand prints with paint. This definitely would not have been possible without Hubs.

We made three versions. (Final project coming soon.)

We spent some time singing.

Schäfer plays his xylophone with all his might.

He also likes to blow his horn from our little collection of instruments that we pull out on Sunday mornings so Schäfer can participate with the music. He loves to sing along when he knows the song.

Lunch was simple: omelets with salsa. Yes, this is what I asked for since it was really hot outside and I didn’t want to go anywhere midday.

I read Schäfer a book and he went down for his nap.

While he was sleeping, Hubs made a Manchengo Curado cheese which will be ready in 3 weeks and I made a dark chocolate cake with butter cream chocolate icing which was ready in 40 minutes. I had been looking up dessert recipes all week in anticipation of a great treat on Mother’s Day.

One of my favorite moments each day is when Schäfer wakes up and wants Mommy to come carry him out of bed. I love fuzzy.

The chocolate cake was delicious.

Then, we read books.

About 5 o’clock, we headed out to go to The Greenery Cafe for supper.  Originally, we planned on going for a family bike ride, but the sky was dark and it looked like we might get a downpour at any moment.


The Greenery Cafe turned out to be just OK. (Their ice cream is pretty good.) Schäfer loved sitting in the empty kayaks which complimented their overall boat theme. Our food did not arrive at the same time so Hubs passed the time by telling Schäfer a story using the gravy boat as a prop.

When I put Schäfer to bed tonight, I asked “What are you gonna dream about?” And he replied, “Dump trucks and diggers and big, big mud.”

Happy Mother’s Day 2009! I am blessed with one child in my arms and one pregnancy in my heart. Little one – you will be with us.

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