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New To Town

Here’s some new stuff we’ve seen around town.

Hubs keeps saying that at any moment, he expects to see a T.G.I.Friday’s popping up on the square.

I mentioned earlier that Gymboree is opening soon. I went for a job interview there, but they haven’t called. I was thinking very, very part time (read: teaching one or two 45 minute classes per week – tops) they were thinking I would be a “member of the team”.

While we were in a different store, I saw this new Hallmark Babies store. I didn’t even know Hallmark made baby clothes. I wonder if they’ll take my gold crown points?

(Sorry this picture is taken from afar. But it’s as close as I could get while Schäfer was occupied at the toy store.)

But this news is bigger than BIG. Earlier, I shared an article that said Carrefour was on the way. However, two bus advertisements and a little chat with a friend at the Central Business District office have confirmed that this building will be:

The thing that gets me really excited about Wal-Mart is that it might – just might – have everything I need under one roof.

Wal-Mart in China is nothing like Wal-Mart in America, but if I could do my weekly shopping at one store instead of four then that would be extremely efficient.

Also in this shopping center will be McDonalds #7 and KFC #3.

Here are some new products:
mild or hot salsa 19.80 rmb ($2.91)
spaghetti sauce 18.50 rmb  ($2.72)
I think we’ll stick to making both of these from scratch.

Maxwell House in a can 6.5 rmb ($0.96)

Hershey’s Kisses 19.8 rmb ($2.91)

Matchbox airplanes 39 rmb ($5.72)

Cars 59 rmb ($8.65)

Hot Wheels 18 rmb ($2.64)

These are the same Hot Wheels that you can get in America. They just added a sticker on the back with the product translation.

We’ll keep you posted on T.G.I. Friday’s.

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