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Show Us Where You Live Friday: Dining Room Edition

Well, it’s Friday, but I’m not going to be able to slip away for my weekly bubble tea because we’re on day 2 of potty training.

We’re home. We’re focused. It’s going quite well, actually.

Kelly thought it would be fun to peruse through the dining room this week.

By all means, please come in!

Just like the living room, our dining room furniture belongs to the Wang family – our fabulous landlords. It works. I’m satisfied.

We have a collection of photos and gifts on these shelves.  After two very small hands caused one large broken glass frame incident, I no longer have frames on the lower 2 shelves.
Note to self: really should update these photos. Oh, you too?

We bought these lithographs in The Quarters in Old Xi’an. They are a collection of peasant paintings which originate from Shaanxi. These three prints are by Dr. Ding Ji Tang.

I love them. I was so delighted when I found them. They are simple. They are clean. They are scenes from daily life in the countryside. They are bright.

I had them framed in a local frame shop. Our conversation went like this:

I’d like these framed. Black frame. Black matte.
How much will this cost?
(She measures and gives me the price.)

I went to pick up the frames and they are framed incorrectly. So I waited another couple of weeks and returned. I was really pleased.

At the same time, I also had some small prints framed which I carried back to the states to give as gifts. (I know. Hubs was not happy about transporting glass over international waters.) When we got to the states, all had made it – except one.

I thought I could take the print out and have it re-framed, but when I removed the broken glass I learned that the Yichang frame shop GLUED the print to the wood.

Now, I’m not saying all Chinese frame shops are this way. I’m just saying that my gal downtown singlehandedly sponsored Glue Fest 08′.

Oh yes. Another lesson learned.

Nevertheless, here are my glued Shaanxi peasant paintings:

These photos are not the best because our glass is reflective. Tip: Always buy non-reflective glass if available. It generally costs the same.



To the left of our kitchen door, are the characters “love” and “blessing”.

The top says “love” and the wrap around text is 1 Cor. 13.
The lower print says “blessing” and the wrap around text is The Beatitudes.

Since we’re on a tour of the dining room, I thought a photo of us dining would be appropriate.

We eat Chinese food everyday for lunch (thanks to our Helper) and most nights for supper too (thanks to leftovers and cheap take-out). Today we had steamed potatoes, tofu, and tomatoes with eggs. Yum!

We don’t eat much meat at lunch. (I was a vegetarian for 12 years so I actually enjoy this.) Supper sometimes has meat – including the best sweet-n-sour pork you will ever get your chopsticks on. Again, let us give thanks for cheap take-out!

Truth: I really need to jump on the meal planning wagon. I think I would be better in the kitchen if I actually knew what I was going to do once I got there. Anybody with me?

Yeah for lunch!

Thanks for coming on our tour. Feel free to stay for lunch. We’ve got plenty of Thai rice in the rice cooker.

To check out other dining rooms go here.

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