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Show Us Where You Live Friday: Living Room Edition

Before I slip away for my weekly bubble tea, Kelly thought a little tour of the living room might be fun.

Much like our kitchen, I doubt any thing from the living room is going to inspire you. So, unless you’ve got a Chinese tourist visa in your passport and are boarding a plane bound for a city on the Yangtze – this virtual tour will have to do.

When a Chinese family moves to a new apartment, they take very little with them. Meaning, they buy all new furniture: sofas, kitchen table, beds, wardrobes, etc. The old furniture remains in the old apartment.

So while we’re on our tour, you’ll actually have the privilege of seeing the furniture Mrs. Wang liked 10 years ago.

I only wish I was making this stuff up.

This is the living room as you enter the door. I would say “front door” but since we live on the 5th floor in an apartment building there is no front door. (I was raised in the south so the “front door” is a very formal, mysterious door.)

Yes, our floors are real wood. It’s not common. Most friends have synthetic wood floors. Real wood floors are much more comfortable than tile in the winter.

Here are the couches Mrs. Wang selected 10 years ago. They’re still pretty comfy and honestly, I don’t mind if my two-year-old spills a little something on them. That’s also Mrs. Wang’s coffee table, tv, and air conditioner. We added the clock.

I keep it pretty simple in here for two reasons:

1.) the DUST is overwhelming and each surface must be wiped down at least once a day.
2.) Schäfer plays here so there are generally lots of toys on the table.

Again, another viewing of Mrs. Wang’s couches. Oh! Ah! That’s her dining table in the back left corner.

One project I have in the works is something to go on that big white space on the wall. I’ve purchased several frames from Ikea and have an idea in my mind, but this spring the mold has overtaken our living room. (Hubs said you probably wouldn’t want to see a photo of it.)

Hubs also said that we might just paint the place ourselves to avoid any more White Powder Explosions. We’re thinking: some mold-free paint, a lot of friends, some good music and a bucket of chicken would do the trick.

Here’s another white wall space. We had a special scroll there, but we gave that away. We’ll probably have another scroll made.

The side table would be a great space for picture frames, but I don’t want to dust them.

I’ve debated over whether to put the children’s books away, but I’ve learned that we read less if they are not there.

Hey – that’s a nice, big window you’ve got! Thanks!

Just outside the window is part of our herb garden. The rest of the garden is outside the office and our bedroom.

Thanks so much for coming on the tour. Please feel free to take some basil on your way out.

To view other living rooms go here.

2 comments to Show Us Where You Live Friday: Living Room Edition

  • I stumbled on your blog from Kelly’s Korner …. and can I just say how much I love it?!?! I spent 2 years in Beijing and seeing your kitchen reminded me so much of the one that I lived in. I taught English at a university so my furniture was supplied by IKEA. I also laughed out loud when I read on your twitter that you’d killed mosquitos with your bug-zapper racket. We’d keep a tally in our hall of how many mosquitos each person killed every day — unless you live there, you’ve got no idea!
    Loved your pictures. Thanks for taking me back to China! 🙂

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