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Thanks Nanamaw!

When we first moved to China, people sent care packages via ship rate. Sure, it took longer for us to receive them, but they were dirt cheap. Something like 30lbs. for $14 – if my memory is correct.

Long gone are the days of ship rate.

Now, the only way to get a package is air mail. That’s a whopping $12.95 per pound. Yikes!

These days, receiving a package is a very rare treat.

Thanks Nanamaw for sending so many packages through the years. I just realized that you might like to see photos of us enjoying the loot.

Schäfer loved his truck, dinosaur book, stickers, and especially his gummies (which are on top of his head in the photo).

I already have a recipe in mind for my baking chocolate squares.

Hubs loved his Lindt Chili Chocolate.

Who knew?

You did.

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2009-05-07@19-02-52 2009-05-07@19-02-58
Schäfer + gummie = bliss.

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