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18 Months Down

Today marks 18 months of waiting for our adopted child.

Let’s celebrate this marker by listing 18 things we’re excited about. OK!

blueberries It’s true. Don’t hate us. We have a friend who started a blueberry farm several years ago. Oh yes, there’s been a crop. We can get 2 overflowing cups of blueberries for

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All Tuckered Out

Monday felt like Thursday.

Thursday felt like Tuesday.

Friday feels like Friday.

Thank goodness.

On Monday, the Lotus Pond Gang went to the mall. Ting and Zhang wanted to shop for clothes. I don’t enjoy wandering around for nothing in particular, but I went anyway because in China I say “yes” to all kinds of

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Got swine flu? Take a Tylenol.

Occasionally, we get an health update from the practice our birth doctor in Hong Kong is a part of.

Due to Swine Flu, Hong Kong basically shut down for 2 weeks. China is considering taking similar measures: no school, no activities of any kind where groups of people gather, encouragement to stay indoors, etc.


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Under Construction

While spring cleaning is still underway at the house, I’m doing a little spring cleaning of the website. Things may look different for a little while.

Please forgive the dust.

– Shorel

Happy Father’s Day 2009

You are:

THE cheese maker.

keeping the finances in meticulous order – down to the penny.


learning to play the guitar for our family singing time.

tech support 24/7.

riding your bike for happiness & health.

an oatmeal fan.

a mighty wrestler.

a woodsman.

an avid reader of Tolkien.

an expert engineer at

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One birdie. Two kids.

When we got to the playground this evening, Qian Zi was there with her badminton set.

Schäfer was thrilled.

They played together for about 3 minutes, but then Qian Zi wanted to play by herself. After 10 minutes of birdie negotiations (one birdie vs. two kids), I told Schäfer that we were done playing badminton

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