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All on a Saturday

This morning Schäfer and I went to the open market to get tomatoes and onions for the Vision of a Pizza that was dancing around in my head.

It was light. Fresh. No tomato paste from a can. Some garlic. Some onions. Lots of basil.

It will be the perfect summer pizza.

After the market,

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Sudafed & Productive Parenting

On Sunday I woke up with intense sinus pain. For me, it’s the kind of pressure that makes my teeth want to pop out.

Parenting on Sudafed isn’t easy. It involves a lot of lying around on the couch and directing.

By Thursday, I was on the mend and we had a play date at

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Shanghai Pushes Two-Child Policy

From the Wall Street Journal:

Shanghai’s long-term dreams of becoming a global financial hub are facing a generational challenge in the form of a rapidly aging population. As a result, city officials have launched a campaign to encourage more couples to give birth to two children.

Officials from the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission

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Hubs mentioned that we’ve been having some CPU issues. Basically, we’ve been using too much processing power. Sometimes different themes use different CPU amounts and it seems that in our latest theme upgrade, we selected a theme that had a great CPU usage.

I loved that theme. So clean. So simple. So zen.

Because of

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Total Eclipse

It’s not very often that 9:20am looks like this.

Then again, it’s not very often that one has a total solar eclipse pass directly over them.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

Today, I one woke up, had a quick breakfast, grabbed three cameras and headed to the

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Website Work

Things will look a bit different for a week or so while I track down why our website is using too much of our hosts cpu.


Thank you for your cooperation!