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The Office: Part 1

Despite all how energized I was to clean through the house room by room, the office has been the room I was dreading the most – probably because it needed the most attention. Over the course of several days, the office slowly came together.

Since we rent from a professor, we are blessed with lots of bookcases. Unfortunately, we put quite a few things in the general area of where they should go instead of finding a spot for them.

The downfall to this blessing is that we keep a lot of books that we may never read again.

Time to start over.

Ahh… that’s better.

2009-07-28@20-10-50 2009-07-30@10-01-08
Before                                                                     After

Next spot: the office supply cabinet.

It may not look very different, but it is much more organized. Thank goodness for baskets!

2009-06-16@17-49-21 2009-09-11@08-56-37
Before                                                                     After

Final stop for today: the gadget cabinet.

That’s better! Mostly, this cabinet contained several boxes we didn’t need to keep.

2009-06-16@17-51-20 2009-07-30@10-04-43
Before                                                                             After

This wraps up 1/3 of the office. The other 2/3rds are still in need of some serious TLC.

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