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Adopted teen finds answers, mystery in China

Christian Norris of Easton, Md., remembers little of his pre-U.S. life. A reunion at a Beijing hotel helps fill in some of the gaps. By Barbara Demick August 30, 2009

Original LA Times article here.

Reporting from Beijing – The father fell to his knees, weeping. The mother quietly buried her face in her hands.

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The Halfway Point

I’ve always liked the halfway point.

Yesterday, I passed the half way point in my riding goal for the year (3233km), riding a total of 1640.55km up to now. Progress: 51% 1640.55 km at 19.09 km/h

My goal tracker states that… * A distance of 1592.62 km remains. * At current average speed, 83.4 hours

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Pregnant in Her Heart No More

After 26 months of waiting, yesterday 08.24, my dear friend was matched with a child.

Don’t you know that after spending 2 years planning a nursery, buying dresses and shoes with butterflies on them, she was matched with a BOY!

Jen – I think you’ve moved from pregnant in your heart to labor and

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Beijing loves IKEA — but not for shopping

Beijing loves IKEA — but not for shopping Customers hop into display beds and nap, pose for snapshots with the decor and enjoy the air conditioning and free soda refills. They just don’t buy much.

By David Pierson Original article here.

Reporting from Beijing – With no plans one Saturday, Zhang Xin told his wife,

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Fenghuang – Days 5 and 6

We hopped on the 7:49am train to Jishou 35 minutes later than originally scheduled. Once on board, Schäfer had a wonderful time playing with the kids in the seat next to us. We arrived in Jishou, stepped off the train and saw twenty people holding signs pointing toward the bus station which has buses to

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ZhangJiaJie – Day 4


Day 4 started with a long gondola ride. They say it’s the world’s longest gondola lift at 7.4km (4.59miles) long. Well, technically it is split into two lines. (Currently the world’s longest single stage gondola is near Hub’s home: Silver Mountain gondola at 4.9km.) The gondola ride took

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