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Copper & Wool

This year Sandra and I celebrate the 7th anniversary of our marriage. Indeed, one might say we are celebrating a wonderful seven years are are looking forward to the next.

These years haven’t been idle. While we’ve been together we’ve completed three Masters degrees, one TESL certification, produced one child and completed one dossier for our next child. We’ve lived in two apartments, but have traveled thousands of miles. We’ve learned Chinese and have half-forgotten our English. We’ve made many friends all along the way.

In honor of our seven years of marriage, I am posting the story of our engagement. (I still grin when I read it!)

This year, I had an unexpected trip come up (literally the day before) and had to go to Beijing on the actual day of our anniversary. The following weeks were extremely busy.  At long last, we decided to go to the newest and tallest building in the city: Junyao JinJiang Hotel. Two friends offered to babysit for the night so Sandra and I took a 7 minute taxi to the hotel.

It really was a nice hotel. Completely new!  The pool and sauna will unfortunately not open until December.

I think we were the first people to sleep in this 30th floor room.

Yes, the bathroom had a glass wall. Unfortunately, there was no curtain.

Talk about intimate. We had the staff tape a bed sheet over the window.

We escaped the afternoon heat by watching a story about prison inmates on the Discovery Channel. This is what happens when there are 64 channels on a TV…62 of which are in Chinese and we aren’t much into the Fashion channel. Afterward, Sandra thanked me for having no criminal history.

We walked through town and ended up at a new 2 Kuai store where we bought some paper-cuts for Schäfer’s upcoming train trip entertainment.

We had seen the “4D” theater in the Children’s park and decided to check it out. They play ten minute 3d movies (RMB15 or $2.20 a person), while you sit in moving chairs that puff air, vibrate, blow bubbles and snow to make the experience more real.

When we arrived the Crab King was playing. Not being big fans of large half-crab men and bugs, we decided to wait another ten minutes until a dinosaur movie was on.

Here I am in the moving seats. You are seat belted in as the seats move a good ways in all directions.

Our film was about a dinosaur family who was nicely eating grass buy a waterfall. Then a storm comes (wind) and a wildfire (crashing trees making our chairs vibrate) and a stampede of dinosaurs. The baby dinosaur falls in a hole where there are flesh-eating bugs and snakes (things brushing by our legs). The dinosaur escapes from the hole finding itself in Thailand with Swiss Alps type of place.

We apparently enjoyed the movie, because when it was over the theater operator came in and told us to stay in our seats. Then, we had another dinosaur movie showing for free!  Double the screams! Happy anniversary indeed!

Following the 4D experience, we shared a cone on walking street, checked out a couple cross-stitch stores and picked up a movie to watch for the evening.

On our way back we stopped and had dinner at Pizza Hut.

That evening we watched The Soloist with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downie Jr. It was quite thought-provoking!

We had a wonderful sleep and even slept in until 7:30am, whereupon I went to the 38th floor restaurant for a so-so free breakfast buffet, then had a nice time of quiet reading in the indoor atrium. Meanwhile, Sandra, who had planned on sleeping until 11:30am (at the earliest), was woken at 8am by the phone. Electrician Yao was off to an early start.

All of that was completely forgotten when I gave Sandra a gift I bought for her while in Beijing on our actual anniversary.

We checked out of the hotel around noon and returned home to a happy Schäfer!

It was a great stay-anniversary! What a wonderful seven years!

6 comments to Copper & Wool

  • Congratulations on 7 wonderful years and Happy (belated) anniversary! So glad that you linked to the engagement story…I loved reading it!

  • Carrie

    Happy Anniversary! Ok, but I have two questions. One-why the hot dog crusted pizza hut pizza. Friends, friends, friends, you should be ashamed of yourselvs. Two-The clear shower should be 7 year anniversay madante.

    Glad you guys got some time away. Congrats!

  • carrie

    sorry, it was supposed to read “mandate”. My computer is desiring to enter retirement. Hope all is well with you guys! Ok, the basil makes up for the hot dog crust. I approve. 🙂

  • Christy Mitchell

    I am VERY concerned about that bathroom window. Did they really think that someone would LIKE such a feature???? YIKES. Two thumbs down.

  • Beth S

    Happy Anniversary! And wow, that was some bathroom. Too much togetherness, thanks.

    Sorry Sandra didn’t get to sleep in. I know I always enjoy that when we’re away from the kids.

  • nanamaw

    Wish I could have been there to keep the Scaf for at least a week while you guys had a good second honeymoon. The bathroom is too risque…at least you got to sleep past 6 am…Here’s to many more anniversaries…nanamaw

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