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ZhangJiaJie National Park – Day 3


Schafer wakes at 6:45am. Thus, we wake at 6:45 am.

We grab some fresh green grapes for RMB3/lb and take the bus to HuangLong (‘Yellow Dragon’) Cave. Technically, we took a bus to another bus to another bus to the cave, but who’s counting?

HuangLong Cave is outside

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ZhangJiaJie National Park – Day 2


Since Schäfer wakes up early and ready to go, so do we.

We head downstairs for a bite of breakfast at the Home Inn restaurant, then on to the bus station. Forty minutes later we find ourselves at the ticket booth of ZhangJiaJie National Park.

Note: we decided to

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Off to ZhangJiaJie – Day 1

The weather was hot. We finally had our passports back. We were ready for a break.

We discussed various options, but one-by-one they didn’t work out… Mongolia (need a visa), Shanghai (been there), Taiwan (typhoon Morakot), Jiuzhaigou (rain), Staycation (Hubs vetoed this one), Korea (maybe in the fall), Hong Kong Disney (hot weather), Lijiang (monsoon

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Copper & Wool

This year Sandra and I celebrate the 7th anniversary of our marriage. Indeed, one might say we are celebrating a wonderful seven years are are looking forward to the next.

These years haven’t been idle. While we’ve been together we’ve completed three Masters degrees, one TESL certification, produced one child and completed one dossier for

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Yichang Museum

If you love pottery or have a fetish for a great bowl, then be sure to stop by the Yichang Museum where people have apparently been throwing pots for a very long time.

The Yichang Museum features artifacts from around the area. I can’t say much about the pots…

Here’s a three legged

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MoJi Mountain


When the sky looks like this, how can we stay indoors? Despite the 90+ degree heat and off the charts humidity, we decided to seize the rare day that has a blue sky and go mountain climbing. (OK, so it’s called a mountain, but really it’s just a big hill with concrete stairs.)

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