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From Cliff-carvings to Canyon Swimming


This particular Saturday the bike club was supposed to ride to the Three Gorges Dam, eat lunch, then take a boat back down the river.

I took off a little earlier with a couple of the faster riders to go check out some cliff-side carvings that I spotted on a previous ride, which are

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Re Gan Mian: Breakfast of Champions

Several weeks ago Sandra’s friend introduced her to a local spot serving a provincial specialty: re gan mian 热干面 (‘hot dry noodles’). They are basically a noodle with a bunch of sesame paste and hot peppers on top. And they are quite tasty!

This particular spot on HuanChengNanLu is reportedly the oldest Re

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The 73 cent haircut

For the past few years, Hubs had his hair cut by Liu who works downtown. Sure the salon was far away, but a friend is a friend. Bonus: Liu knew how to cut Hubs hair just the way he liked it.

After a quick 20 minute bike ride and 10rmb ($1.46) later, Hubs was

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Strawberry Gelato

Oh the goodness that awaits.

Strawberry Yogurt Gelato by hand:

Make a batch of Greek Yogurt. Chill it until nice and cold.

In the blender, blend 1 cup of sugar until it is fine. Then add two cups strawberries (or other preferred fruit). Blend.

Mix yogurt and strawberry mixture well. Add more strawberries/sugar to

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Which icon do you like?

We’re trying out a new polling system. For a test run, a simple question. As always, comments are welcome!

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Chemical containers fall into Yangtze River

YICHANG, Hubei, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) — Search work went on Tuesday for 62 containers, some carrying dangerous chemicals, that fell into the Yangtze River Monday night.

Continuous water quality tests at the ports along the river had not shown signs of contamination as of Tuesday, the government of Yichang City said in a press

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