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The Halfway Point


I’ve always liked the halfway point.

Yesterday, I passed the half way point in my riding goal for the year (3233km), riding a total of 1640.55km up to now.
Progress: 51%
1640.55 km at 19.09 km/h

My goal tracker states that…
* A distance of 1592.62 km remains.
* At current average speed, 83.4 hours of ride time required.
* An average daily distance of 12.35 km required.
* You should have completed a distance of 1971.45 km by today.

OK, so I’m a little behind where I should be, which should be remedied in the next month.

As far as my other goals

  • I’m not so good at eating just one dessert a week, but I have cut down in my sweets.
  • With the help of master guitarist Dane, I have learned 29 songs this year…far surpassing my goal of one new song a month.
  • I have learned how to make all sorts of dairy products and at any time you’ll see a combination of cheeses, yogurt and/or buttermilk in our fridge. I made butter one time, but the cream content in our local milk was so low that it is not economical to make. (5 gallons of milk only produced enough cream for 1 cup of butter.)
  • Reading through the book in Chinese is coming along slowly.
  • And the wedding video raw footage is now transferred over to the Mac and ready to start editing.

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